About Aerial Yoga Training at Heartwood Yoga center

Heartwood Yoga Center is a yoga alliance certified school, offering RYT-200 & 300 programs and Children's Yoga Certification. The school also offers courses in Chair yoga, Restorative Yoga, Aerial and other specialties and is home of the Florida Reiki Association.  Our facility features a wide range of yoga trainings, retreats and programs on a 7 acre retreat facility in Bradenton featuring a Chakra meditation garden, a yoga center, a medicine wheel, a labyrinth, and more.  (Please see the drop down menu under our "Home button" to learn more about our facilities and diverse offerings.)

Heartwood Yoga Center, originally founded in Sarasota in two locations,  was the first studio in Sarasota to offer aerial yoga, and we continue to be the  leading choice for yogis who want to take their practice above the mat and into the air. Aerial Yoga Training is offered as a yoga alliance continuing education option as well as an addition to our RYT-200 & 300 courses with comprehensive trainings 13 times a year.  With 17 aerial stations and an extensive aerial teacher training program that has attracted students worldwide, Heartwood aerial classes are all taught by RYT-500 teachers who are also aerial specialists. Our classes combine elements of yoga therapy, traditional yoga dynamics and energy studies for a class that supersedes the artistic or entertaining element of aerial arts alone, to promise a practice that is a rich mind-body experience. Aerial Yoga can be offered in a variety of levels and oriented to different yogic goals, so we teach not just a physical practice of Aerial yoga, but restorative aerial, therapeutic aerial, aerial yoga to support healing of the energetic body. 

Aerial yoga  combines supported traditional mat practice with innovative variations done while floating in the air. At Heartwood Yoga, the practice can be done in a dynamically designed, adjustable, padded hammock with two side straps offering three handles attached at various levels called the Om Gym, so students can safely and comfortably maneuver into and out of poses while making it possible to control the depth of each individual pose, and we also have classes in traditional silks. Our aerial training covers both aerial systems so teachers can have a broadened experience as we compare and contrast the benefits orf each. The aerial yoga set-up at Heartwood allows for a larger variety of exercises and alternative stretches while also encouraging creative exploration. Students take their practice to a new level . . . literally. Perfect for all ages and levels, aerial yoga is good for the beginner as well as advanced yoga student. With a range of poses and progressions that allow each student to work at the level they are comfortable with, this practice is guaranteed to give everyone the powerful benefits of inversion for enhanced health and well-being.